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Readathon April 2014

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7am BST: 6 hours before the official start time

Good morning/afternoon/evening, whatever time it is where you are. It’s Saturday morning here, and I’ll be ready to read in about an hour. (I’ve scheduled this post a short time before waking so that those of you who subscribe via email receive the link to it.) I’ll be starting with The Enchanted April. I’m not totally sure how today will go, but my rough plan is a few hours of reading now, before the official start time, then checking the site when it begins, perhaps commenting on a few posts, and then alternating between reading and updating/commenting. I don’t plan to do any challenges but I suppose if one takes my fancy I may end up joining in. I’m hoping to write a review once I’ve finished a book because I’m aware that reading a lot at once could make me forget sooner, and I reckon that a break might help with any mini slumps – I’m guessing few people read without breaks? I’ve no idea how I’m going to combat the food/meal issue. I’ll be having breakfast and I doubt I’ll skip dinner but lunch is another story.

9am BST: 4 hours before the official start time

Have I said that my boyfriend’s spent the entirety of his free time the past 2 days reading? I wish I had that dedication! Anyway, we both read until late last night, me 12:30, him 1:15am, so we’re awake a bit later than planned. I’ve just had breakfast; my boyfriend, you guessed it, is reading. I’m off for a shower then I’ll be starting The Enchanted April.
Charlie is reading: nothing at that moment
Boyfriend is reading: Magician’s Gambit by David & Leigh Eddings, 10 pages so far today

12pm BST: 1 hour before the official start time

Been reading for about half an hour. It’s a little cold here so I’ve collected a couple of throws. Got the site open in front of me, my books on the table, and my notebook and camera. All set.
Charlie’s reading The Enchanted April by Elizabeth von Arnim, 14/221 pages in
Boyfriend’s reading Magician’s Gambit, started half-way through today

3pm BST: 3rd hour

I should probably have lunch soon…
Pages read: 68/221

5pm BST: 5th hour

Some forgotten pitta bread meant my lunch was chosen for me. My boyfriend has finally taken a break, stopping at one and a half books read today. I’ve taken part in two challenges, and am now going back to reading. Von Arnim’s book isn’t as ‘pretty’ yet as I thought it would be, but there’s a lot of theme work going on and being in Italy is lovely.
Charlie: 100/221 pages
Boyfriend: Finished second half of Magician’s Gambit and Castle Of Wizardry

8pm BST: 8th hour

Hoping to finish my book soon, after which I’m planning to detour from my plans and finish Mansfield Park. Had dinner, takeout (useful), and feeling a bit sleepy, but it’s far from bedtime yet so I’m going to keep reading as long as possible.
Charlie: 154/221 pages

11pm BST: 11th hour

My Gatsby mug

I’ve had tea, an apple, and I’ve finished my first book. Boyfriend’s finished his second. I’m really tired so I’m going to leave books for a bit and comment on posts.
Charlie: Finished The Enchanted April
Boyfriend: Finished Castle Of Wizardry and Enchanter’s End Game

1am BST: 13th hour

I’ve done some cheerleading so I’m off to bed for a few hours. Hoping to read more later.
Charlie: books read – 1
Boyfriend: books read – 2

10am BST: 22nd hour

I decided to sleep for longer in the end because it should mean more reading in general, even if there are only a few hours to go. Back to Mansfield Park before breakfast.

After the event

I woke up on the day feeling unwell and it persisted throughout, but I did enjoy myself. I think I’ll be signing up as a cheerleader next time because as much as reading is fun, it’s also fun to cheer others and enter into the community side more. I finished one book and read 50 pages of another. Boyfriend’s final total was 2 books.

April 2014 Readathon: I’ll Be Reading And Blogging Tomorrow; Here Is My Plan

My readathon choices: Elizabeth von Arnim's The Enchanted April, Isla Morley's Above, and Anna Hope's Wake

I have been waiting for this day for five months. My move in December marked a change to my readathons – after all previous attempts, with me able to read so little it felt a sham, I will finally be taking part properly.

My plan is to read a couple of books because I’m a fairly slow reader and want to feel I’ve achieved something. I’ve picked out the three in the photograph above: The Enchanted April, Above, and Wake and the plan is to read the first and last, and if there’s time I’ll start the second (the Morley is apparently quite difficult to read so it makes sense not to start with it). I’ve already read a good few more books this month than the three previous, but like other avid readers I’m always interested in adding to the number. I may or may not have convinced my boyfriend to join me – I’d like to think it’s possible, especially as he started his second re-read of his favourite books earlier this week. If he does join me, I’ll add a few statistics about his reading to my post, too.

I’ll be repeating last year’s format of one post that is updated over the course of the day. And as Alex’s method of starting a few hours early has proved useful (for us British, and I expect other readers east of America, the official starting time is awkward) I’ll be repeating that, too.

Will you be joining us tomorrow?

Long-Awaited Reads Month 2014

I was delighted one morning to read that Iris and Ana had decided to repeat January’s Long-Awaited Reads Month, making the new date next year. Although last time I was initially hesitant about joining because I had so many books already to read that month, it turned out to be a success and I found one of my top reads of this current year because I joined in. (Indeed I may have ended up reading Shanghai Girls anyway as it had been on my shelves for a few years, but the question is when?)

So here I officially state my intent, and some books.

Book cover Book cover Book cover Book cover

Emma Henderson: Grace Williams Says It Loud – I’ve not had this book all that long, but I really wanted it when I got it and just haven’t got around to reading it.

Irène Némirovsky: Suite Française – The tiny print has scared me off this one, otherwise I’m interested.

Anna Karenina – It was accidentally coming across a major spoiler than made me put it on the back burner. Before that I had been incredibly excited about it. I still am to some extent, but that spoiler was, as said, major, and I find I enjoy classics so much more when I know nothing about the story.

Vikram Chandra: Red Earth And Pouring Rain – Now on my shelves for about four years. This was a random purchase at the time which I know accounts for the fact I’ve left it sitting there.

Challenge logo

And that’s it. It’s a short list because I have other books to read in January and because I know that listing many will pile on the pressure and lead to me not reading anything. Therefore I might end up reading a/some books that aren’t on this list. Oh, and can we pretend that the Némirovsky and Chandra weren’t on last year’s list?

Have you read any of these books? And will you be joining us?

Readathon October 2013

A photo of my books for the readathon - Magda by Meike Ziervogel and Tiy And The Prince Of Egypt by Debbie Dee

I fully expect this readathon to be the same as the previous I don’t know how many. My boyfriend took time off work so that we could spend the weekend together, so I’ll be juggling playing computer games with reading. Is it acceptable to say that one of the reasons you’re looking forward to moving out (and thus living with your partner 24/7) is that you’ll be able to participate in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon without having to consider putting your relationship on the back-burner for the day?

Anyway, I will read when I can. I’ve decided to choose a couple of short books because I wouldn’t mind gaining some sense of achievement. Considering what I’ve said above that’s not going to happen if I choose a book longer than 200 pages. To me a short book during the readathon does seem cheeky, because numbers-wise it’ll seem as though I’ve read more than someone who chose longer books, but what I liked in April earlier this year was that I felt I’d taken part.

First and foremost I’ll be reading Meike Ziervogel’s Magda. It has the bonus of being written by someone I’m acquainted with (Ziervogel founded Peirene Press), of being on the shortlist for the Not The Booker Prize, and of being a story that I know will pack a punch and provide lots to write about. If I manage to finish that, I’ll be reading Debbie Dee’s Tiy And The Prince Of Egypt, a middle-grade novel from an author whose books I’ve enjoyed in the past.

I doubt I’ll be able to take part in any challenges, but I will try to comment on as many readathon posts as I can, even if that means commenting on some after the 24 hours are over. I’ll do the same as last year – this post will be my only post, I’ll simply update it as the day continues. Incidentally I’m starting early as the 1pm start time for Britain is difficult.

Best of luck to all of you who are taking part!

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Update at the official start (1pm BST)

I’ve got a bit of reading done this morning, Pages read: 28/113

Update at 7 hours in (8pm BST)

Read a few more pages during the day, though not many. Starting back again now. Pages read: 41/113

Update at 11 hours in (12am BST)

Finished Magda! I’m very happy for that. Starting my next book, reading for a bit longer, then heading to bed. Books read: 1

Update after the ending time

I tried to read before bed but was too tired. I read a few pages in the morning but had to leave before the end of the 24 hours as I had to go out. Still, I did better than I hoped and maybe I’ll have the chance to finally take part properly next time.

Readathon April 2013

24 Hour Read-A-Thon logo

So I’m doing it again, signing up late because Saturday is boyfriend day (and the weather is forecast nice for a change) but signing up regardless because as always I really want to join in. And I have a massive pile of books that I’ll like to make a dent in. This year I’m taking a leaf from Alex’s book and starting early, in the morning, whereas the official start falls at 1pm. In fact as soon as I’ve posted this I’ll be reading.

I finished a book yesterday so it’ll be brand new stories. I’ll be beginning with Jeanne Ray’s Calling Invisible Women because it’s short, likely quite light, and I should really have already read it. I may not get through more than one book, but then I’m a slow reader anyway so that’s not so bad. I’m actually sitting here on five hours sleep so that might possibly end up being the biggest issue. I’ll be updating this post rather than posting any more.

So, at 9am, 4 hours before the starting point and whilst my boyfriend is still asleep, I’m going to get to it. Best of luck, everyone!

Update at 3:23 hours into the official times

It’s now 4:23pm here. After I posted this post (the above section) I read for half an hour and then my boyfriend and I went for breakfast. I read again while he had the car cleaned and did a bit of shopping and then we spent a few hours at home. I picked up reading again for 30 or so pages and in a minute we’re going to go for dinner. I’m taking the camera so I can add a bit more interest to this page. I’m really loving this book, and the font size is brilliant for making you feel you’re getting through it. Can you tell I’m writing this in a rush? Pages read: 70/246

Update at 11 hours

Had dinner in the cold and rain, read a bit more. Going to go to bed and read more tomorrow. Pages read: 91/246

Update at 21 hours

Had breakfast, started reading.


I read until an hour after the readathon ended and finished the book. Whilst it started well it quickly divulged into the unrealistic, further than the idea of invisibility, and I’m glad this particular book is over so I can read a better one. I didn’t read much this readathon, but I know if I hadn’t tried or signed up at all, I wouldn’t have read anything yesterday at all. One book more for this month is very welcome and therefore I feel it’s been a success. Pages read: all of them.


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