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Sixth Birthday

A screenshot from the Sims 3 of a birthday party

It’s that time again: today The Worm Hole is six years old. In the past year I’ve posted 146 posts, 44 reviews, started up a ‘reading life’ feature, and suffered my first (noticeable, at least) spam attack.

There are 838 posts on this site. By a wide margin the most-read post this past year was When TV Deviates More Than Usual: Comparing ITV’s Mr Selfridge And Lindy Woodhead’s Book. I wrote it after I’d watched the first two series and read the biography that inspired said series; I’d been surprised by how different the portrayal is on screen. It seems a lot of people have wondered about the reality, too, and I suppose they will until they stop making the show.

Thank you all for reading and being a part of this blog.

Site Feature Musings

There’s an element of my site I’ve been thinking about for a while but I’m undecided and thought it’d be best to ask you. After all, you’re the ones who use the site as visitors.

I’ve been wondering whether I should change the related posts section I add to the bottom of reviews. Currently I use it to link to reviews of books by the same author as well as books that share a theme. I like the concept because it allows me to categorise without having a lot of tags; I do like to use tags for genres; but I wonder how many people find the related posts section helpful. Ultimately I’m considering simply linking to other books by the same author. (Another option would be to have both a ‘by the same author’ section and ‘related by theme’ section but that would mean quite a lot of space.)

I like linking by theme, not just due to the issue of tags but because I know it’s nice, when there’s a theme you like, to be able to easily find other books that include it. However, it has become a bit crazy to maintain. Where do I draw the line on which themes to link? Should I link minor themes? What about books that I know aren’t truly related but for this small theme they share?

As you can see, I’ve given this a lot of (too much) thought.

I’ve also been thinking about my ‘random review’. I’m quite partial to it but does anyone use it? I’m very aware it pulls up posts from years ago but then if I were to filter it I’d end up being worried about all posts soon enough.

Do you like related posts sections on sites in general?

Five Years

A screenshot from the Sims 3 of a birthday party

Tomorrow I will have been running The Worm Hole for five years. Can’t quite believe it; it’s a bit of a crazy thought. There are 285 reviews on this site and 691 posts overall. (Do any other bloggers sometimes feel they’ve written too much?) Becoming a book blogger has fundamentally changed the way I read and appreciate literature. When I started I had no real idea about anything beyond a good story; it’s been quite the educational process.

To my fellow bloggers and to my readers, thank you.

The screenshot above necessitated an eviction, dismantling interior walls, a haunting, and a late start to the meal. Someday I’ll let those Sims age gracefully.

Guest Posters Wanted

Just a quick post today to request the above. If you’re interested, email me with your idea by next Tuesday. Usual ‘rules’ apply: anything to do with books (other than a review), history or film. I’ll accept life-themed posts, too.

Fourth Birthday

A screenshot of The Sims 3, a birthday party

Friday was The Worm Hole’s fourth birthday. That day I had to post a review I’d already drafted, so I’d like to celebrate today instead. In terms of blogging, this past year has gone by very quickly, which is interesting when you discover just how many posts you’ve published in that time. I’ve had ups and downs this past year, as everybody has, but I’m still enjoying myself and hope to be blogging for the foreseeable future.

Of the course the biggest things that have happened in regards to the blog are my editing business, which I launched last summer, and my taking over of the What’s In A Name challenge. I am loving my role as an editor and I would say it’s made me a better reviewer, too.

A blog anniversary needs statistics:

Thank you all for reading, for your friendship, for the discussions and recommendations.

Do you like to celebrate milestones, be they blog-related or otherwise?


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