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Nine Years

A screenshot from the Sims 3 of a birthday party

Tomorrow The Worm Hole will be nine years old. It’s been a strange year, a lot of difference, but full of good things. Whilst I haven’t been able to take on many review books due to uncertainty over deadlines (that’s recently started changing again) I’ve been able to spend more time on the books I already own as well as delve into classics in a more intentional manner. The necessity of posting less, due to various life changes but also to a major block (I got through eight years before having one so I guess it’s not so bad), made me think more about the content I did post. My plan for the next year is to find my way back to my schedule.

I thank you all for your support and for sticking with me when I haven’t been able to update.


Current post count: 1,208
Current review count: 465
Number of posts in the last year: 95
Number of reviews in the last year: 32
Most read post of all time thus far: The Ending Of The Awakening (7,606)
Most read post of the last year: (same as above; 3,671)


A screenshot from the Sims 3 of a birthday party

Different house, different hair styles… minus one Sim who mysteriously disappeared as I moved her from driveway to kitchen.

The Worm Hole is 8 years old today!

In the past year I’ve become more focused on reading classics, and in particular for the last few months I’ve been reading a classic (or part of one) a month. I’ve become more focused on reading the books I already own; at present I’ve four empty shelves and don’t intend on filling them quickly; I was lucky to be given back an old bookshelf I’d lent to someone, and in terms of buying books I was given a gift voucher at Christmas that I’ve not yet used. Lastly, I’ve taken on some literary-related responsibilities that I am loving.


Posts: 1113
Reviews: 433
Posts in the last year: 122
Reviews in the last year: 45
Most books reviewed by one author: Shannon Stacey (10), Elizabeth Chadwick (9)
The most read post of all time (so far): What happened to Faina at the end of The Snow Child?
The most read post in the last year: The Ending of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening

Thank you all for your continued friendship and support.

The Worm Hole Turns 7

A screenshot from the Sims 3 of a birthday party

Yesterday was my blog’s birthday. I feel I’m getting back on my feet after a few strange months so this birthday celebration is particularly special. It coincides with the start of my plans for the next In Conversation event and a few other bookish happenings. Much coffee has been consumed.

At this time of year I tend to post my blog statistics but I’ve an extra celebration coming up in a few weeks so to avoid repetition I’ll save numbers for then.

I’m grateful for all the friends I’ve made through blogging, for the support, and for everyone here who reads my posts. You guys are all awesome and I can’t thank you enough.

Thank you!

Rare Saturday Post To Say…

I interrupt my regular posting schedule, which does not include Saturdays, to say the following:

The logo for the Young Writer Of The Year 2016 Shadow Judge panel

I am on the official shadow panel for this year’s Young Writer Of The Year award together Simon Savidge, Kim Forrester, Naomi Frisby, and Eric Karl Anderson. We’ve known for a couple of weeks and can now reveal it. We can’t tell you who is on the shortlist at this point – look out for that announcement next week. I will be reviewing the books over the next month and will likely have some other bits and pieces of news to share here and on Twitter, too.

Annoucement on the official site.

Exciting Announcement!

I have been eagerly counting down the days to this announcement. A sense of unexplained positivity may have been apparent in some of my recent posts.

It started with an idea last September that slowly took shape over the course of the following few months. Then came the day I looked at the A2 page littered with notes and realised it was time. I’ve spent the last 6 months planning up a storm – finding a venue, booking an author, advertising.

The event poster

This is to say that on Thursday 20th October I will be hosting a literary event, between 7-9pm, in Southampton. Dan Richards is the author and we’ll be discussing his awesome Climbing Days, a book full of history, humour, adventure, independent women, and great writing. Books will be on sale, both Climbing Days and Dan’s previous work, The Beechwood Airship Interviews, which will also get a mention in the conversation.

For the venue, The Notes Café, a wonderful independent eatery/coffee shop in the city centre. Primarily musical, as of late they have started open mic poetry nights and are keen on the idea of pursuing the literary route further. It’s a business I’m very excited to work with. Their decaf is super, their jacket potatoes quite honestly some of the best.

If you could spread the word in any way: tweets, posts, telling friends and family who live nearby, I would be extremely grateful. The event Facebook page is here. Hashtag: #notesinconvo If you’re able to join us on the night, fantastic! Do let me know.

I know I haven’t been a very good blog commenter recently – you now know the reason. It’s been a crazy few months but also a very fulfilling few months.


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