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What’s In A Name 2014 – Gateway Post

The 2014 What's In A Name reading challenge logo

Happy new year! This is the gateway post for What’s In A Name 2014 which is now in its seventh year. Below are the links to the pages for each category, as well as the wrap up page. As you read and review your chosen books, add the review links to these pages so that everyone can follow the progress and find out what’s being read for the challenge.

If you’re seeing this post and wishing you’d signed up, never fear, you can sign up at any time (right up until late December if you want to!) The sign-up page includes all the rules and information you need to know. If you don’t want to review your books that’s okay, just leave a comment on the appropriate page instead.

I declare this challenge officially open!

The page for a reference to time
The page for a position of royalty
The page for a number written in letters
The page for a forename or names
The page for a type or element of weather
The page for your wrap up links (or to leave a comment to say you’re finished)

Bonus category: The page for a school subject

Please read this page for details about the sixth category, which was added to the challenge on 28th February


Laura @Booksnob

January 7, 2014, 1:39 am

Can you put your button with it linked to this post in the sidebar so we can easily find it during the year??



January 9, 2014, 10:58 am

Laura: I’ve got a couple of text links for the moment. I gave the logo a try but it didn’t work well so I’m going to change things around a bit and see if I can get it to look better.

Teri Henningsen

January 13, 2014, 3:56 pm

So excited to join your reading challenge for the year and to follow your blog!

Carolyn @ RIEDEL Fascination

May 26, 2014, 3:08 am

Thank you for a very nice activity. I love creative people. :) Carolyn in central Canada.

Jane’s Book Blog

June 6, 2014, 8:43 pm

I would just like to know if any or all of these titles might work for the sixth category
The History Boys
The Secret History
Mastering the art of Soviet Cooking


June 6, 2014, 9:14 pm

Hi Jane, yes, any of those will work. Angelology would be a fun pick, subject-wise, and you’ve got ‘Art’ as well as ‘Cooking’ in Bremzen’s book. Hope you enjoy whichever you pick. I’ve heard great words on The History Boys and read and liked Von Bremzen’s book.

Tracy Terry

September 24, 2014, 3:50 pm

The final book read for this year’s challenge. I’ve had so much fun. thank you for being such a good host, i look forward to next year’s challenge.

Tiffani@Passport Books

October 15, 2014, 7:04 am

Just finished my final book for this challenge. Thanks for hosting it, it was fun.

Books read:
Time – Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore
Royalty – The Emperor’s Children
Number in Letters – Just One Day
Name – Matilda
Type or Element of Weather – Frostbite



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