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Transworld Publishing’s Summer Reading Challenge

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I interrupt my regular postings to tell you about the challenge I’ve signed up to. Transworld, the Random House imprint, are giving readers four free books, some not yet released, in return for reviews posted on the reader’s blog or Amazon. You pick your books from the list and they send you a new book once you’ve reviewed the last. The challenge is open to residents within the EU and ends in September. You can read about it and apply by visiting the following site (the post is currently the second one down on the page):

The four books I will be reading are: Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld, Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde, After You by Julie Buxbaum, and The Wish by Sasha Blake. My reviews will be posted as normal with a note to say that I received the books for review. I may or may not write more posts in addition to the reviews, we’ll see.

Anyone else planning to take up this challenge?



June 28, 2010, 10:02 pm

I didn’t know about this challenge! I love the fact that it is open to EU residents, so often things like this are meant for US participants only. Thank you for pointing me towards their site.

Charlie: I’d planned to email you if you didn’t comment :) This is a rare thing for us in Europe. And Transworld are being very prompt in their correspondence, so if you’re interested give it a whirl.

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