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The Third Book From Transworld

The book and packaging

I received my third Transworld book, Second Hand Heart by Catherine Ryan Hyde, on Monday 16th August 2010. Yes, I’m getting all detailed now, evidence suggests recording dates is useful later.

The book appears to be an ARC which thrills me, I must confess I screeched a little when I saw it by the door, and it’s nicely produced. The cover is very smooth and it’s one of those books that falls open easily when nudged, in that totally fabulous way that doesn’t break the spine. The imprint is Black Swan which means good books to me, my previous ventures there being my first Transworld challenge book, Prep, and Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief.

The day before, I’d started Katherine Webb’s The Legacy, but I’d only got through a few pages so I’m going to allow myself to put it aside while I read Second Hand Heart. I refuse to feel guilty for this.


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