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The Sum Of My Venture Into Romance (So Far)

Several months ago I decided that I’d like to broaden my reading horizons and that the romance genre was the way to do this (I’d read pretty much every other genre except it). Now, all those months down the line, I feel in a position to be able to discuss my experience.

I should say that I’m aware that only one of the authors I read is prolific – Jennifer Greene – and that I limited my choices to ebooks that were free, be it review copies or publisher giveaways. I actually only read books by Carina Press and Mills & Boon. But I do feel that I now have some sort of grounding, even if I realise that there are a few more books on my list to read before I make my final decision over whether to continue with the genre and make it part of my usual reading.

I read science fiction, erotic romance, contemporary, and historical. I found that the erotic romance was more to my taste simply because it was less cheesy – with all the sex going on there were less hearts, flowers, and gooey conversations. As mentioned in my May reading round-up, two works of contemporary – one set in a castle (Exposed: Misbehaving With The Magnate) and the other in a routine life (No More Mr. Nice Guy) – were enough for me to determine that contemporary romance isn’t for me. To be honest this wasn’t much of a surprise as I have always been a huge history fan and find the past in general very romantic with all the beautiful dresses, long-haired men, and incredible novels to choose from in which the romance genre is an additional one. I just find history in general very sexy even if in reality it was a time of smelly rush floors and few baths.

Although I did like The Spurned Viscountess I also found out something else that I had a feeling about all along – regency romances are something I could easily forget about. I do intend to read Eloisa James but apart from that wigs and powder just don’t do it for me, even if the characters don’t use them themselves.

This won’t be surprising considering I said erotic romance was okay – I plan to read at least one more Ella Drake despite only giving her books 3.5/5. Her stories and use of fantasy and sci-fi have me interested in following her career.

So I may be incorporating some romance into my reading, but not nearly as much as the current onslaught you’ve seen here at The Worm Hole. And one thing that’s very important now is that the books I read are physical copies because I do think reading them digitally hasn’t helped enamour me.



June 11, 2011, 12:30 am

I’ve never read any strictly romance books. I guess the only romance that’s been in those that I read is just a subplot to the overall story. Then again, do we count Austen as strictly romance? If so, then clearly I’ve read some. :P

Very cool that you’re actively seeking out new genres. I think genres that I tend to stay away from because they’ve never interested me are fantasy – Anything with dragons and knights and wizards, etc. has never managed to entertain me … with the rare exception of things like Harry Potter.

Charlie: I wonder the same about Austen, she is romance but not at all like contemporary books. I think it’d take living in that era having already lived in our own or making a decision based on the majority of opinion around at the time, to decide that one. But then academics write about her and wouldn’t write so much about our era’s romance.

I have a love/not-so-love relationship with fantasy. Its fun but there’s almost always a journey and all too often the same creatures. Harry Potter’s an exception to that though, even if it’s always another school year. Have you tried His Dark Materials?

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