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The Second Book From Transworld

The book and packaging

Yesterday, as The Beatles sung, all my troubles seemed so far away. That was until the postman showed up and force-fed my letterbox a book.

I call this trouble for one reason only (because of course I’m very happy to have received this book) – I am far less than half-way through an Austen compilation. If it were any other book I wouldn’t be so perturbed but a 400 page Austen translates, for me, into a 600 page any-other-book. The question of “why?” can be answered by my saying that more often than not I find Austen so difficult to read due to the differences in language.

We have until September to get through this challenge and it’s almost August. We probably aren’t the highest priority at the publisher’s right now and the books are coming through slowly. And on the day I received mine I’m bogged down under a tome and don’t want to set it aside because I’m monogamous while I’m reading a book.

The word, or rather onomatopoeia, is “eek!”



August 1, 2010, 10:16 am

I received my second book Friday and actually read it right away, because I want to try and read everything before September. I just hope I’ll succeed! Good luck on yours. I wonder, maybe if this is a small novel you could read it alongside the Austen tome?

Charlie: I thought of that but I’m worried that if I start this new book the Austen one will just languish on table because I’ll put it aside this time and then next time and then… I need to go through an overhaul of how I read because I’ve let my childhood silliness (ten books at a time, none getting finished) rule me still at this age.

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