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The Ramblings Of A Freed Student

By the time you read this I will have finished my first year of university. This doesn’t mean I’ve scheduled this post, because I haven’t because last time I tried it didn’t work, but it makes it sound as though I’m a very busy person run off my feet.

I may be.

The past two weeks I have been spending time planning and writing my last essay while simultaneously trying to closet away my sinuses from the allure of the cold virus. There’s something about the common cold that has convinced me that it is a pied piper of biology. My boyfriend’s sinuses decided that the virus currently storming round his family was too good to be true and so unfortunately I had to release him from our weekly meetings. Then The Little Guy caught a cold from a shopping trolley that was all too pleased to offer a human something that it could not make use of itself.

And so, because it was my last essay and worth half my course mark, and because the irony of the situation was that I’d gone the whole course up until then in good health, I proceeded to take precautions.

You know you’re trying too hard when you produce for yourself your very own illness.

Thanks to a lack of sleep due to my layering the bed with too many blankets, I sit here with a Rudolph nose and if I were to speak it would not be my usual voice. But I have at least finished my essay, written in about five hours (a record for me) and done so due to the worry of common colds.

There is no moral to this story other than not to hang around people who are ill when you know you’ve only a week until an important deadline.

Now I have a mad dash ahead while I try to get books read and reviewed in time, summer school prepared for, and a newly-well boyfriend showered with cherries and fans and Roman lounge seats, all those stereotypical quasi-submissive things, to thank him for his support. His support has actually been incredible in ways that I hope to discuss soon because it may lead to some exciting news.

Good morrow summer, you may now approach.



May 29, 2011, 3:32 pm

Ooh, if there’s one thing I don’t miss it’s the rush of last minute preparation of essays and deadlines at the end of the uni year. It all goes a bit crazy. Though, I was always fortunate enough never to fall ill around that time – That time was always reserved for the start of the year when the new batch of students would come in and everyone would catch the Freshers Flu. :P

But, good on ya, for completing your first year. :) Congrats!!!

Charlie: I’ve not heard the term Fresher’s Flu, but I like it! I know it being my first year the deadlines and essays are going to get worse. This time I was lucky, no exam, but I don’t think I can get out of doing one next year.

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