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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 83: Alex Hay (The Housekeepers)

Charlie and Alex Hay (The Housekeepers) discuss his meticulously planned and fast-paced 1900s heist novel wherein the entire contents of a grand house are to be removed… and the mistress of the place is in on it. Alex tells us about the successful collaboration between himself and his three editors and we discuss the various comedy aspects of the book.

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Julia Laite’s The Disappearance Of Lydia Harvey
Alex’s conversation with Sarah Penner for Always Authors

Release details: recorded 8th June 2023; published 25th September 2023

Where to find Alex online: Website || Twitter || Instagram

Where to find Charlie online: Twitter || Instagram

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01:25 The inspiration for The Housekeepers
06:14 Alex’s extensive planning of the book and some of the changes made
10:01 Mrs Bone, Danny/Mr de Vries, and the O’Flynn family
12:54 The many narratives and including Miss de Vries in her own narrative as an ‘equal’
17:20 The comedy!
21:33 The trafficking plot line
24:37 On Alice and keeping secrets
27:23 Working with three editors
31:22 Was there ever another ending in mind?
33:37 The ‘What-choo’ boy
34:59 Jane One and Jane Two
36:59 The reality of the smoking machine
38:11 The possibility of an adaptation
38:50 What’s next?


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