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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 79: Lisa See (Lady Tan’s Circle Of Women)

Charlie and Lisa See (Lady Tan’s Circle Of Women) discuss the medieval Chinese woman doctor Tan Yuanxian, whose book is still in use today. We also discuss, in this context, the isolation and disability of being an aristocratic woman in the time period.

Please note that there is swearing in this episode.

Tan Yuan Xian’s Miscellaneous Records Of A Female Doctor
Hildegard Von Bingen
The Washing Away Of Wrongs

Release details: recorded 28th March 2023; published 24th July 2023

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00:55 About Tan Yuan Xian
06:00 Facts versus fiction, where we don’t know all that much about Yuan Xian
11:21 While there were many of them, we don’t know much about other women doctors in China at that time…
12:44 The importance of friendship in the novel
17:50 Being born in the year of the (Metal) Snake
22:22 The true story of a midwife who had a miscarriage in front of the empress
26:52 The focus on isolation, and foot binding
34:47 Lady Kuo
41:54 Miss Zhao
44:25 The murder mystery
49:58 The men, and in particular Yuan Xian’s grandfather
51:16 What’s next

Photo credit: Patricia Williams.


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