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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 65: Natalie Jenner (Bloomsbury Girls)

Charlie and Natalie Jenner (Bloomsbury Girls) discuss Jane Austen in all Natalie’s interesting concepts, tales of related auctions she has been involved in, and the work to ‘preserve and pull together’ a record of the books that inspired her. They also discuss Natalie’s inclusion of Daphne du Maurier in her novel, Persephone Books, and genre in its context as a label.

Please note that there are (very slight) spoilers throughout the episode.

Persephone Books
84 Charing Cross Road (film)
Sunwise Turn
Madge Jemisin’s memoir
Lamb’s Conduit Street
The Second Shelf Bookshop, London
Daphne du Maurier’s Myself When Young: The Makings Of A Writer
Emily Midorikawa: Daphne du Maurier and Oriel Malet
Daphne du Maurier’s The Doll
Sonia Orwell
Jane Wells Webb
The Mummy!
The Godmersham Lost Sheep Society’s blog
Reading With Austen
McGill’s Burney Centre
Sample and Audible edition of Richard Armitage’s narration of The Jane Austen Society
Sample and Audible edition Juliet Stevenson’s narration of Bloomsbury Girls

Natalie’s favourite Persephone book is Julia Strachey’s Cheerful Weather For The Wedding

Release details: recorded 6th July 2022; published 25th July 2022

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:14 You owned a book shop. Tell us about it
05:40 You are obviously very interested in classical writers, Jane Austen in particular. Can you tell us where your inspiration stems from?
14:37 [Reading]
19:55 How much are the Jane Austen Society and Bloomsbury Girls related – can Bloomsbury Girls be a standalone?
21:09 Can you talk about three of your inspirations for Bloomsbury Girls – the book 84 Charing Cross Road, and the bookshops Sunwise Turn and Persephone Books?
26:17 Why as it important to you to include Daphne du Maurier?
32:51 Why Jane Wells Webb – why The Mummy, why include this author in particular?
37:20 You have auctions of books in your novel. Are auctions something that interests you and were there real life ones that inspired you?
41:40 You’ve mentioned genre a couple of times. Can you expand on your thoughts here?
45:51 What’s next?
47:59 (Natalie talks about the British audiobook editions of her novels)

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