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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 63: Amanda Geard (The Midnight House)

Charlie and Amanda Geard (The Midnight House) discuss buying big derelict houses, the importance of community in County Kerry, and Amanda’s stunning epilogue – which is one of Charlie’s favourites.

Please note that there are spoilers throughout the episode.

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The Ring of Kerry
Delphi Lodge, Galway
The Kerry Way
Canary Girls

Release details: recorded 23rd May 2022; published 27th June 2022

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:03 You’re a geologist – tell us about your background and what came before writing
01:44 Where does your writer self come in to this?
04:43 So you have planned this book meticulously…?
05:18 So are you going to write a time-slip book?
06:25 [Reading]
09:17 How did you come to the title, The Midnight House?
10:13 Whereabouts does the House itself fall on the scale of importance?
13:28 You mentioned the house you bought – you renovated it etc?…
14:57 The community in the book – was it always important from the get go?
17:36 Can you tell us about Nancy, Charlotte, and Hattie?
19:58 Why did you want to explore Charlotte’s story through Ellie’s, or was it maybe the other way round for you?
21:54 Were there any particular historical influences that worked for Charlotte’s story?
23:57 Was it Charlotte’s disappearance itself or more so the subject of it that was important?
25:58 You reveal Ellie’s ‘mysteries’ a lot slower. What was the reason for that?
28:32 Had you considered having Charlotte still alive?
30:29 Why the epilogue, why include Charlotte like this?
31:45 Did a lot of pregnant women work as Canary Girls?
34:10 What would have happened with Charlotte if she’d lived?
34:40 What’s going to happen with the peerage and the house, would you say?
36:03 What’s next?
37:21 [Amanda talks about reader reactions to The Midnight House]

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