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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 58: Natasha Miller (Relentless)

Charlie and Natasha Miller (Relentless) discuss Natasha’s incredible and inspirational life as a classical violinist and jazz singer, and founder and owner of a multi-million dollar events company. Our discussion includes her childhood – she’s a survivor of abuse – and being a parent who strives to get it right.

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Jamie Blaine
Simon Estes
2004 article about Bobby Sharp and Natasha
Entire Productions
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Covenant House
Fascinating Entrepreneurs
‘Over The Moon’

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Release details: recorded 15th March 2022; published 11th April 2022

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:56 Can you tell us how you created this book with Jamie Blaine?
03:49 [Reading]
07:54 Can you tell us about your childhood?
11:44 How do you feel your experiences in childhood have shaped who you are in adulthood, your progression in life?
14:02 Can you tell us about your music career?
16:18 How did your friendship with Bobby Sharp impact your career and life?
18:08 Would you say you’re more a singer than a violinist?
19:58 Can you tell us about Entire Productions – how it started, how it grew, and what it’s all about?
24:26 Would you say you’re more of a musician than a business woman?
25:10 Do you ever have Imposter Syndrome?
26:36 Why have you written Relentless now, why this part of your life?
28:16 The proceeds (partial) are going to Covenant House?…
29:10 Tell us about your podcast, Fascinating Entrepreneurs
30:18 What’s next?
31:42 You say about how you’ve parented Bennett differently – can you give us an example?
35:25 [Natasha discusses her daughter’s singing with her and her then-upcoming book launch]
36:42 [Natasha reminds us that if you want to do something, you need to go for it]

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Photograph used with the permission of Natasha’s assistant.


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