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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 52: Edward Carey (B: A Year In Plagues And Pencils; The Swallowed Man)

Charlie and Edward Carey (B: A Year In Plagues And Pencils; The Swallowed Man) discuss his epic drawing project wherein he undertook to create a sketch each day of the pandemic, the various individuals whose lives became a part of the wider picture, and finish on a completely different but relevant subject – the literary and social history of Pinocchio.

The Harry Ransom Centre
Edward’s Twitter
Edward’s Instagram
The Tombow B pencil
Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Land Of Counterpane
Xavier de Maistre’s A Journey Around My Room
Theodor Kittelsen
Pesta is the personification of the Black Death
The Parco di Pinocchio
Carlo Collodi
Wikipedia’s article on the original story of Pinocchio
The oak tree in Collodi where Pinocchio was hanged
Robert Coover’s Pinocchio in Venice
The Foundling Hospital Museum, London
The Ospedale degli Innocenti

Release details: recorded 10th December 2021; published 10th January 2022

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:53 Was there a defining moment in your life when you realised you wanted to write and illustrate?
02:25 (Asking about Edward’s role at the University of Texas)
04:24 Plague and Pencils: why did you start the project?
07:58 Was there any day’s work/a couple of days’ work that defines the project for you in terms of the actual drawings?
10:11 How many pencils did you get through?
10:54 Can you tell us about your art supplies and the pencils you use?
12:14 If you ever ran out of the Tombow Bs, what would be the next best pencil?
13:01 You often drew people who wrote in isolation or quarantine…
17:08 Was there a particular reason for the dates of the drawings not being included in the book?
19:53 You drew for 500 days; when did you know you had finished?
23:16 You’ve said you’d never written a diary, but you have now effectively got one. Do you think you might consider doing anything similar again?
23:58 If we can funnel what’s been said already, what effect did this project have on you?
25:15 Your latest book is The Swallowed Man. Can you introduce it to us?
33:44 You wrote a stage adaptation of Pinocchio?…

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Photograph used with the permission of the marketing team. Credit: Elizabeth McCracken.


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