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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 50: Samantha Sotto (The Beginning Of Always)

Samantha Sotto returns! We discuss her latest book The Beginning Of Always (its inspiration was the woman whose death mask was used to create the first aid dummy Resusci Annie), and, not to be outdone, Sam’s dog Alfie also returns to make a second appearance.

Wikipedia: Resusci Annie
Article on The Paris Morgue by the Wellcome Trust
The Shoes on the Danube Bank monument
Sam’s Instagram

Release details: recorded 31st October 2021; published 22nd November 2021

Sam’s social media: Website || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:03 The proceeds from the sales of The Beginning Of Always went to help those effected by the pandemic?
03:19 Your daughter designed the cover of The Beginning Of Always?…
04:26 Tell us about the Unknown Woman and how you came to write about her
05:46 You started writing this book years ago?…
06:54 What do you think happened to the Unknown Woman?
08:05 Why is reincarnation, immortality, and so on, important in your work?
10:58 Can you tell us about the Paris Morgue?
13:32 What was important in creating your main couple and bringing them to life?
14:38 Where did the idea of Thomas’ heart condition come from?
16:45 (Spoiler question) The couple at the end – could they have been included more?
17:54 Why is it important to explore love and everything that goes into it?
20:25 (We discuss location in a similar context to love, as written in the book)
22:46 What do you think happens after death?
25:22 Why was Elise a blogger?
27:19 (Discussing a book Sam was working on two years ago)
28:31 Tell us about the book you’ve just finished
32:38 We’ve had Alfie introduce himself; tell us about your dogs, you have another now?
34:13 Is there anything else you’d like to add?

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