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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 46: Hazel Gaynor (The Bird In The Bamboo Cage)

Charlie and Hazel Gaynor (The Bird In The Bamboo Cage) discuss the lives of the pupils and teachers of the Chefoo school for missionaries’ children in China during the Japanese occupation, and the way being Brownie Guides helped to keep them going. We also discuss the beginnings of her career, and her collaborations with fellow historical fiction writer, Heather Webb.

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Release details: recorded 6th September 2021; published 27th September 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:55 Can you tell us about the story of your first publication and its bestseller status?
09:29 You have written about something not covered much – can you tell us about the story it’s based on?
12:45 What was being done back home to help these people stuck under occupation?
14:33 A big theme is Brownies and Guides – why so central?
18:08 Can you talk us through the reasoning for the two narratives – Elspeth and Nancy?
23:43 Were you able to get stories from war generation to help with the book?
25:49 Can you tell us about the honeypot girls?
28:01 You look at the way these children are the children of missionaries and know nothing of China beyond the school – why was this important to explore?
30:14 If you had to choose one or two characters who were most important to the novel or what you were trying to say, who would you choose?
32:11 How is your book with Heather Webb – Three Words For Goodbye – doing?
33:52 How do you collaborate with Heather, in terms of the writing itself?

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