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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 45: Claire North (Notes From The Burning Age)

Charlie and Claire North (Notes From The Burning Age) discuss climate change today and into the future, sexism back of house in theatre, and how she views her books in terms of colours and shapes rather than words.

CBBC Newsround article from 2002
Peter Kenny and Claire North Audible interview

Release details: recorded 27th August 2021; published 13th September 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:45 How did your first publication, as a teenager, come about?
03:33 (Discussing Claire’s lighting design work)
10:46 Could you tell us about your seeing the book in terms of colour?
12:49 How would you categorise this book, genre-wise?
16:57 Where do you fall on the subject yourself in terms of the two sides, Temple and the Brotherhood?
22:50 What was it about Ven’s position, as a character and in terms of his place in society, that made him the right person to be the narrator?
26:08 Does this whole thing of Ven being a regular person but not so regular extend to Yue?
28:33 Going to the extremes of what you’ve been saying, could your books be told by yourself through the first person, without a character narrator?
29:55 Are the kakuy open to interpretation?
33:13 What inspired the servers of all our modern day information?
37:24 Have we the power, do you think, to reverse the burning age that we’re at the beginnings of?
41:23 Back to your tangent from earlier, what is the period of history you enjoy studying the most?
42:29 Could Ven ever have become a proper member of the Brotherhood?
44:45 What’s next?

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