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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 42: Gill Paul (The Second Marriage)

Charlie and Gill Paul (The Second Marriage) discuss the lives and loves of Jackie Kennedy and Maria Callas from their early married years until later life, the womanising ways of the men in their lives, and the opera and celebrity that in Gill’s book links them all.

The Time article Gill references, published on 29th October 1956
Barbara Walters interviews Maria Callas for NBC’s Today programme on 15th April 1974
Carly Simon’s Touched by the Sun
Barbara Leaming’s book on Jackie Kennedy
EOnline – ‘Inside the Tragic Strength of Jackie Kennedy’
Gill discusses how she researches a novel (in this context, The Second Marriage)
Lyndsy Spence’s Cast A Diva
Maria Callas’ Casta Diva

Release details: recorded 23rd July 2021; published 26th July 2021

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Show notes:

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Question Index

06:36 Why Jackie and Maria, why this idea?
10:50 Is there a significance to you having started the book with Maria?
12:10 Maria and Jackie never met?…
13:39 What are you thoughts on who Jackie was as a person?
17:09 Could you tell us more about JFK and Aristotle Onassis as people and in their relationships?
21:12 There were issues with the book’s content in terms of Jackie’s sister Lee?…
24:17 Why was it important to include the rumour of Maria Callas having had a child?
28:05 What is your favourite recording of Maria?
29:27 What was your research like for the operatic aspects?
31:09 What did you want readers to take away with them in regards to their thoughts on these two women?
32:04 Tell us about your next book, The Collector’s Daughter

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