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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 28: Deborah Swift (Past Encounters; The Occupation; The Lifeline)

Charlie and Deborah Swift (Past Encounters; The Occupation; The Lifeline) discuss Brief Encounter at Carnforth, the experiences of prisoners of war at the time and once back home, the real life story of a Jersey woman who hid her Jewish friend, and reactions to the death of the last woman in Britain to be given capital punishment.

BBC Radio 4’s The Poetry Pharmacy
BBC’s People’s War website
The Long March
Article about Dorothea and Hedwig when the former was nominated for an Israeli honour

A video about Carnforth station in the context of Brief Encounter and subsequent tourism

Deborah’s books set in the 1600s, in the order of publication:
The Lady’s Slipper
The Gilded Lily
A Divided Inheritance
Shadow On The Highway
Spirit Of The Highway
Lady Of The Highway
Pleasing Mr Pepys
A Plague On Mr Pepys
Entertaining Mr Pepys

Release details: recorded 21st November 2020; published 14th December 2020

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:01 You write poetry?…
03:25 You used to work as a costume and set designer – what productions did you work on?
04:23 Did this work influence any of your stories?
13:18 Past Encounters: who came first, Peter or Rhoda?
17:35 (Carnforth Station’s café and museum)
19:30 What was the reception of prisoners of war when they came home?
21:32 Tell us about Lamsdorf
25:36 Why was it important to include mentions of the trial of Ruth Ellis?
35:45 The Occupation started out as two novellas?…
37:59 (About the inspiration for Celine and Rachel’s story)
39:08 Rachel’s quite a particular character – what were your thoughts when you were creating her?
41:00 Would you say Rachel’s story, post-ending, would mirror Hedwig’s?
42:46 The ending is perhaps unexpected – how did you come to write it?
44:40 Tell us about The Lifeline

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