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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 15: Terri Fleming (Perception)

Charlie and Terri Fleming (Perception) discuss looking at the further lives of Mary and Kitty Bennet, working with Austen’s original stories and prose, Mr and Mrs Bennet’s relationship, and organising bookshelves.

The Romantic Novelists’ Association website

Release details: recorded 11th May 2020; published 25th May 2020

Terri’s social media: Twitter || Website

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:37 Tell us about your background – writing and Australia
00:59 Have you been able to write articles regardless of the career switch?
03:12 Why Pride and Prejudice?
04:06 Who are you other favourite writers?
04:49 How long have you been a member of the RNA?
05:50 Were your initial thoughts for your book different to how it played out?
08:41 Did it take time to get the balance between your own Mary and Austen’s just right, and were you worried about the reception?
15:09 How did you go about creating the gentlemen?
17:11 Was there anything difficult about using Pride and Prejudice as a base?
24:43 What was the best part of writing Kitty’s story?
27:08 Did you find anything out about Pride and Prejudice that readers may not know?
29:10 What’s your opinion on the dynamic between Mr and Mrs Bennet?
32:36 How do you organise your bookshelves?
34:15 What’s next?

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