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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 11: Laura Pearson (Missing Pieces; Nobody’s Wife; I Wanted You To Know)

Charlie and Laura Pearson (Missing Pieces; Nobody’s Wife; I Wanted You To Know) discuss the process of grieving for various members of a family, writing a book about cancer when you are working through the same, and changing stories almost entirely from their beginnings.

The Motherload Book Club
Laura’s blog ‘Breast Cancer and Baby’
Laura’s article ‘When Pregnancy and Cancer Collide’ for The Motherload
Laura’s article for The Guardian

Release details: recorded 29th February 2020; published 23rd March 2020

Laura’s social media: Twitter || Facebook || Website

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:33 Your first book was found in your publisher’s slush pile…
02:53 Were your books difficult to write?
03:54 Tell us about your bookclub
06:13 What was the inspiration for Missing Pieces?
13:07 Tell us about Bea’s role in the book
15:28 The chapters specify ‘days after’ – did you ever consider altering it at the end, after the revelations had come out?
17:21 The use of seasons
18:44 Is there anywhere people who are in a similar situation can go?
20:13 Why Southampton?
26:30 Nobody’s Wife – what came first, the characters or the plot?
27:23 The start of the book: was it always the plan to say that only three of the four people remained?
28:03 Character you like; character you dislike?
33:41 Was there a lot of difference between the first draft of I Wanted You To Know and the final book?
36:43 Was there a reason for Jess’s mum to be as she is?
38:34 What was your reason for writing something so related to your own experiences?
41:37 Would you recommend that other writers write about what scares them in life?
42:45 What did you want to leave the reader thinking?
44:22 So your next book is going to be happy…

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