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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 10: Camilla Bruce (You Let Me In)

Charlie Place and Camilla Bruce (You Let Me In) discuss the darker side of faerie, being as in the dark about answers as your readers are, survival and coping methods following trauma, and the habits of cats inspiring your work.

Release details: recorded 17th February 2020; published 4th March 2020

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Show notes:

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Question Index

00:42 Tell us about your background and writing experience
01:12 Have you written any non-fiction before?
02:23 What authors do you admire; do you have any favourite Norwegian writers?
06:43 What inspired your book?
08:34 Have you lived in the woods?
08:53 Are houses in fiction important to you?
09:34 What was the idea behind the lack of a distinct location?
10:25 Did you draw on any folklore?
13:43 Was there a starting point for the dynamic where there’s the potential for abuse, and the relationship with Tommy and the Pepperman?
16:06 Did you have a plan?
17:19 What did you want readers to take away at the end?
18:54 How important was it to only give Cassie’s voice and viewpoint?
20:44 Cassie’s sister Olivia – do you think there’s hope for her to come to a better understanding of everything?
21:57 Was the psychiatrist’s book an idea that came about during the writing, with you wanting an extra truth added to the story?
22:35 Do you have your own idea of what happened to Cassie?
23:20 Do you believe in faeries?
23:51 Do you have any rough plans for another book?

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Photograph used with permission from the publisher. Credit: Lene J. Løkkhaug


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