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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 03: Naomi Hamill (How To Be A Kosovan Bride)

Tune in as Charlie Place and Naomi Hamill (How To Be A Kosovan Bride) discuss post-war Kosovo, using a narrative method that divides opinion, and researching Albanian folklore.

Release details: recorded 18th October 2019; published 25th November 2019

Naomi’s social media: Twitter

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Show notes:

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Question Index

01:29 Could you expand on your time in Kosovo?
03:57 You started writing the book with a short story?…
05:46 What has the reaction in Kosovo been to your book?
07:50 What is Kosovo like today?
11:00 Have you learned Albanian?
12:25 What made you choose to tell the story through two women, the Kosovan Wife and the Returned Girl?
15:38 Tell us more about the folklore aspect in regards to its comparison to real Albanian folklore?
21:11 The second person perspective – why use it?
25:59 What’s next?

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