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On The Eve Of Read-A-Thon

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Having suddenly realised that Read-A-Thon is tomorrow I thought I’d better make a plan of sorts. I wasn’t going to but going into the big read undecided will take time away from the goal.

As a child I read The Chronicles Of Narnia – up until halfway through book six. I won’t say why I didn’t finish them now because I’ll be covering it in a later topic but I look back and think it was silly of me to get so far and then stop. Each of the seven books are pretty short, years ago it was daunting but as an adult I know I should be able to get through them quickly enough.

I went to the bookstore a few days ago and picked up The Luminous Life Of Lilly Aphrodite which I’ve wanted to read for some time; that’ll be my “relief” selection. If I get bored with the chronicles, and that’s quite possible because Voyage Of The Dawn Treader goes on and on, I have this to fall back on.

As said previously, I will be starting several hours after my country’s starting time, around 7-8pm. I’ll turn in as late as I can and get up as early as I can, tired eyes will have the say here. I’ve realised it won’t be fun updating only once so I’ll update on finishing a book or two. If I decide to review the books I’ll also take time out for that.

And food plans – I’d never thought to think ahead on this until I started reading other people’s ideas. I’ve been eating far too much chocolate these past week (thank you, Easter) so I’ll use this occasion to get back to vegetables. Fresh ready meals, for health but speed, will be my indulgence.

Ready, set, read.


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