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Next Stop Procrastination #11

A photo of a number of scrolls in a bowl

This photograph was taken by Clarence.

I knew when I started thinking about compiling another of these that it had been quite a while since the previous; it turned out to have been March last year. I wondered how I should go about it – would there be too many, would some be irrelevant? What I came to acknowledge was that some might be old postings, in relative terms, but they were still good. The list has been checked for broken links.

Book-Related Links

Is There Such a Thing as a Good Book Review?

When Being a Disabled Writer Means Being an Educator

Where Old, Unreadable Documents Go to Be Understood

Church in the Netherlands converted into transformer library: books by day, party room by night

My life as a bookworm: what children can teach us about how to read

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Comes to Terms with Global Fame

The Secret Origins of Amy March (Which Might Make You Hate Her a Little Less)

What’s gnawing on Jane Austen’s hair?

Visiting an Experimental, Do-It-Yourself Library in Brooklyn

Samanta Schweblin on Revealing Darkness Through Fiction

The Stranger’s Tongue (Rowan Hisayo Buchanan on translation, empathy and what our favorite foreign words and works reveal)

‘Don’t do anything with long-term consequences’ (novelist Phillip Lewis looks at teenage fatherhood)

Amy’s Pickled Limes: Little Women

How libraries served soldiers and civilians during WWI and WWII

The Unsung Delight of a Well-Designed Endpaper

Let’s Talk Endpapers

Found: Pages From One of the First Books Printed in England

The Other Stories in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina: A Translator’s Perspective

Miscellaneous Links

Why do Dwarves Sound Scottish and Elves Sound Like Royalty?

Exit Interview: Scott Kelly, an Astronaut Who Spent a Year in Space

List of foods named after people (Wikipedia)

Have you found any interesting online articles you could share?


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