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My Best Of The Decade Round Up For 2010-2019 + Podcast

For today’s podcast, see the bottom of this post. A link to the transcript is included.

Many people are making lists like these and it looks like fun so I’m joining in (if you’re making one, too, do link to it below). I’m doing it now rather than any later because I’ve only a half-plan to read one more book from the decade before the year is out; my reading until January is going to be re-reads and a couple of 2020 publications.

I’m including my 5 star reads from each year and choosing ‘best of’ books from there, and, particularly because I don’t read all that many books in the year they are published, I’m including books no matter which year I read them in. Any future books read from this decade will not be included here; I’m not going to leave this post open to be constantly updated. Some years obviously have more competition than others given length of time since and review copies; the list is a reflection of my time blogging, particularly as I started blogging a couple of months into the decade.

Non-fiction and poetry have been mixed in with the fiction. I’ve used the very first publication date for all books except translations, for which I’ve used the first English translation publication date.

Finally, as there are 70 books here in total I’ve chosen to include covers for the absolute, in my opinion, cream of the crop for each year.


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What have been your favourites these last years?

Today’s podcast

If you can’t view the media player below or to see all the details and transcript, I’ve made a blog page here.

Charlie and Phillip Lewis (The Barrowfields) discuss planning out fictional houses, the detail and beauty of classical music, books about books, and how real life in all its ups and downs makes its mark on your work.

The podcast is also available on iTunes and Spotify.



December 9, 2019, 5:05 pm

What an interesting post! I think I’ve only read two of those you’ve listed. I do have several others either in my TBR pile or on my wish list.

I would have trouble making a list for the decade. There have been so many good books! (but you’ve thrown down the gauntlet, so I might have to try…)


December 31, 2019, 2:29 pm

Charlie, I have been enjoying all these books of the decade posts too. Sadly I would find it very hard to join as I haven’t been blogging for long enough to help me remember that long back!


January 5, 2020, 6:05 pm

Here’s my post for the decade:


January 13, 2020, 3:07 pm

Kelly: Interesting to hear; I’ll be on the look out for mentions or reviews! Thank you for adding your link – I will have a look, fab stuff :D

Jessica: I know what you mean; making the list made me wonder about the 2000s and then I realised I only had data for one year of that, which was kind of a pity (though also probably good as I wasn’t reading much that decade). If the idea interests you, you could always do the years you do remember? :)



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