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May 2011 Reading Round-Up

Considering this was my last month of study for this educational year, and thus it was hard work, I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve read.

The Books

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The Hippie: Snowflake Obsidian – An ex-self-harmer tells her tale of multiple issues and depression. Good for the target audience.


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Charlaine Harris: Dead Until Dark – Sookie meets a vampire called Bill at a time when vampires are an accepted minority group. Humorous but definitely adult.

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Grainne Toher: Comings & Goings – A group of friends living through life. Required more detail.

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Jan Van Mersbergen: Tomorrow Pamplona – A boxer on the run from his life hitchhikes with a man on his way to the Pamplona Bull Run. Each are looking for something to get away from, but for Danny the boxer it’s more than most. You have to be on the ball constantly with this one. The writing is powerful.

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Jennifer Greene: No More Mr. Nice Guy – Carroll wants a more romantic love life and Alan realises that might be the only way to keep her so he switches routine for spontaneity. Rather ordinary.

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Sarah Haynes: Things He Never Knew – Steph’s secret of the father of her twins not being her husband may be hidden now, but that won’t necessarily stay the same. Very good story and extremely difficult to put down.

My favourite this month was Things He Never Knew, amidst a pool of average ones it stuck out for it’s good writing, continuously interesting storyline and cleverly thought out discussion. Tomorrow Pamplona, my last read of the month, also won me over. I am done with pure romance for now, although No More Mr. Nice Guy was okay, the lack of any other genres in a lot of romances has me bored, so in future I’m likely to stick with historical romances. Eloisa James has been on my list for a while.

Quotation Report

In Snowflake Obsidian, Willow makes the assumption that whoever said blondes had more fun was likely referring to Marilyn Monroe and a steam vent. And in Dead Until Dark Sookie has trouble telling whether a vampire is unconscious or dead – it’s difficult to tell the difference.

So yes, not a bad month, all things considered. I’m not expecting June to be brilliant as I hope to have a job within the next few weeks, but I’ve already made a start on Antonia Fraser’s biography, Marie Antoinette, which is fantastic, and I’ve still a couple more review books to go.

How was May for you?


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