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Making The Grade

I’ve been thinking about what to write today and it occurred to me to post a life update, if that wouldn’t seem too self-absorbed.

My studying is going better than I had expected it to, I’ve surprised myself considerably. I was never a good student at school, in fact I was so bad that university was out of the question before. But now I love it and thankfully it shows, I’m currently working at a very high grade. I’m not going to look at my progress and think that I can relax because I’m well aware that it could all disappear, so I’m keeping my work in mind constantly and reminding myself not to procrastinate, at least not too much.

Whereas at school I went to a university fair and picked up a pile of random prospectuses to get the teachers off my back, more recently I contacted specific places I’d researched into. Whereas at school all I wanted to do was music, now I realise that as an extremely competitive industry that’s not necessarily possible, and that humanity subjects are a better choice. Whereas at school finding material to back up my statements was something I never bothered to do, nowadays I relish the thought.

I haven’t changed who I am so much as changed my outlook and the way I approach institutional learning. I now wonder why I didn’t work it out sooner, but as the phrase goes, sooner rather than later.

Suffice to say that this once study-shy school girl is now a study-delighted adult.


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