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July 2011 Reading Round-Up

This month I read a fair number of books and got to add another non-fiction to my finished list.

The Books

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G W Bernard: Anne Boleyn – Fatal Attractions – Bernard has an opinion and he’s not afraid to use it. He might be a total idiot. Recommended only if you’ve read about Anne previously because most of Bernard’s opinions aren’t to be taken seriously.


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Julie Kagawa: The Iron King – A girl finds out she half faery and has to help her fellow winged people fight the new enemy, Iron faeries born of the new technological dreams of mankind. Very good.

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Julie Kagawa: The Iron Daughter – Meghan has to do it all again. What you’d usually expect from the second book in a teenage series in this current era, lots of filler material and repetition.

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Kenneth Cameron: The Bohemian Girl – Denton’s got a letter from a girl who is afraid and he’s going to have to track her down while there’s a sinister fan on his tail. Dips towards the end but it’s a good enough Victorian/Edwardian story.

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Shannon Stacey: Yours To Keep – Emma needs a fake fiancee and considering the man whose name she used was in the army it didn’t seem such a bad idea. It might when her Gran comes to stay, even if Sean is back.

It’s a toss up between Yours To Keep and The Iron King for my favourite this month. Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions was most definitely my least favourite.

Quotation Report

I will fill this in when I’m back properly.

Everything considered, in other words the things I will be talking about shortly, I think I’ve done well this month. I apologise for the scantness of this post.


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