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I Am No Longer Monogamous

Ever since my childhood, when I was known to have several on the go at once, I have since stuck to only one at a time and never dallied with a second. I knew that in this way I could suitably satisfy each and give all of them my attention, separately.

But I did know that one day I might have to revert to my past self. Sometimes one would be very dull and long-winded and, unfortunately, I had a nasty habit of sticking with them the longest. The ones I truly loved never lasted more than a few days.

Villette is long-winded and drags on and on; when Entangled was released I knew that I had to put a stop to my faithfulness. I wanted to read Entangled, right then.

I will not read more than two books at a time and will, for now, concentrate on one at at time, for example I am reading Villette in between starting other books. I know that this practice is the best way to ensure I make the most of my reading time and don’t waste days reading nothing because my self-imposed option is so boring.

Thus I am no longer monogamous.



January 26, 2011, 3:06 am

Yeah! Welcome to the club! I used to read two books: one I carried around with me and one that lived on my nightstand. I’ve since added an audiobook and at least one other book, so that I often have four books going at once. I really do find I get more reading done, as there’s bound to be a book in my selection that will suit any mood I might encounter.

Charlie: I was thinking two might be my lot, but now you’ve said audio books I’m wondering if that would be a possible third. Do you ever get the stories mixed up or have you found it easy enough to remember each separately?


January 26, 2011, 4:16 am

I am no longer monogamous too. I as a rule, used to read only one book at a time. But lately if the book I’m reading is too heavy in weight, I prefer to read another book while commuting. It’s just convenient.

Charlie: That’s an idea, having a different book for a certain time. I’ve definitely found in the last couple of days that my reading of the heavier book has sped up, the less pressure is great.


January 27, 2011, 10:29 am

It’s funny that you’ve posted this, because I’m having exactly the same problem at the moment. I’m trying to read Villette and it seems to be taking forever, so I’ve started reading other books in between. I do prefer to concentrate on one book at a time, but I don’t want to give up on Villette and I think this might be the only way I’ll manage to finish it.

Charlie: It’s got a whole lot easier for me since I started reading other books at the same time, and because of the second book I’ve reached the more interesting parts quicker. How far through it are you? I’m finding Lucy incredibly dull, so many chances to make herself interesting and she doesn’t take any of them.



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