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Hangers On

What’s the most irritating thing about books?


3 for 2 offers, television book clubs, stickers upon stickers upon stickers upon…

I don’t believe any managers at shops or factions have ever given much thought to readers or lovers of books. Even if you get the stickers off you’re often left with the residue which over time beckons and keeps fluff and dust leaving the cover no longer smooth nor shiny – and don’t get me started on stickers that rip shiny coats off books.

The bringing home of a book by me is often accompanied by the word “Dad”. “Dad, I can’t get this sticker off, can you try?” My boyfriend is brilliant at taking stickers off, I’m starting to wonder if it should be a fixture should he ever have a business card. After the listing of his job would come “Book Sticker Stripper”. A very worthy talent, I feel. The title would likely lift a few eyebrows but at least that would get people talking (and perhaps flinging some cash notes his way along with multi-stickered books).

I understand that publishers see the lucrative advertisement value of covers – stickers stand out on a book and if the cover doesn’t instantly catch you perhaps the glued addition of an award or a feature on the radio will; but there are better ways to do it, say perhaps the cardboard sleeves that booksellers have started winding round books in order for their staff to profess their love, or even a decorative montage bordering the place where the book sits. They can even have confetti spilling over the book from a timed electronic device on the underside of the shelf above if they so desire.

Just stop ruining my gorgeous books.


Jackie (Farm Lane Books)

August 16, 2010, 3:29 pm

I’m not a big fan of stickers, but I bought some Tesc Beeswax floor polish – one squirt and the sticky residue comes off easily. I highly recommend it :-)

Charlie: Thanks, Jackie, I’ll have to look into that one!

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