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Escaping From The Cold Territories

So it’s been about 3 years since I had a cold (that time has now been broken) and since then I’ve changed a lot. For one I’ve started reading and reviewing, and secondly I started university.

The thing is, despite that fact that it was just a cold – even if at the time it was wretched – I have confirmed knowledge about myself that I’ve had for a while. If there is a break in something important I am doing, it’s difficult to get back on track quickly. The result is that 2 weeks ago I was ready, both intelligence-wise and raring-to-go-wise, to write my essay. I had all the information in my head, the written notes, and I knew what I had to do. The cold came during the transition period – the day in which I should have begun my plan – and now I’m sat here not sure what to do, what to write, and very much aware that all the structure and sourcing ideas have left me.

And the fact is it sounds ridiculous that I can’t get back into my routine, a routine I very much like. At the moment I can’t even write a good book review, although that’s partly because I can’t remember much of what it’s about. Tomorrow I will read all the information again and go through my notes. But there must be a better way of doing things.

Maybe I really am just an extreme do-it-now person. That’s a good quality to have, until things come to a forced halt.


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