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December Reading Round-Up

December’s been a good reading month for me, and having Christmas meant that I’ve spent a long time not reading so I’m really looking forward to getting back to it in January.

The Books

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Lorna Byrne: Stairways To Heaven – Continuing on from Angels In My Hair, Byrne presents her story of seeing angels up to the present day. If you’re willing to read it with an open mind you may be amazed.


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Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights – A man whose love jilted him spends the rest of his life as a domestic abuser. An awful story wonderfully written.

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Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden – Unlocking a door may be the key to making everyone’s lives happier. Fantastic.

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Selene Castrovilla: The Girl Next Door – Sam’s best friend is dying from cancer and doesn’t want to die a virgin. A good premise but could’ve been more. Read after reading Erin’s review.

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Terry Pratchett: Wyrd Sisters – A Duke has taken control and a place he doesn’t like and three witches have hidden the rightful king until he’s older. They don’t actually know where he now is but that doesn’t matter because he’s bound to turn up at the right time. Absolutely hilarious.

The first three books listed: Wuthering Heights, The Secret Garden, and Stairways To Heaven blew me away, I had a blast reading them even though Wuthering Heights is quite possibly the most wretched book I’ve ever read. The standout was Stairways To Heaven. I know a lot of people wouldn’t like it but I personally found it answered pretty much every big question we humans ask. Whether or not Byrne is telling the truth I can’t say but she certainly seems real.

Quotation Report

In Wyrd Sisters, a freelance robber dresses up as blackbeard for full effect and a witch suggests cornflower to improve the thickness of a grimy cauldron mix.

So a good end to the year. I’ll be listing all the books I read in 2010 in my first post next year. I will be including in it all the Quotation Reports from my monthly roundups.


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