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April 2011 Reading Round-Up

Did I say that April was to be a busy month? In those 30 days I read a total of 3 books. One of those books was read in one day on the first of April specifically with the thought that the month was going to be busy and I wouldn’t get much reading done. I attended the London Book Fair and spent time beforehand preparing. I went to meet a person whose unknown family history I had accidentally discovered. I flew in a tiny plane. My studies were hectic, there were parties, there were holidays. To sum up it was a very good month, just not for literature.

All books are works of fiction.

The Books

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Danielle Trussoni: Angelology – A group of scholars try to stifle the efforts of Nephilim. An interesting idea but poorly executed.

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Lauren Oliver: Delirium – Lena falls in love in a world where love is considered a disease. Oliver surpasses her previous brilliance.

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Shelley Munro: The Spurned Viscountess – A woman unable to find a husband or respect in her village takes a chance on a man without memories and finds herself in constant peril. Overlook the weak start, the story is good.

My favourite book this month would have to be Delirium, although I found it rather similar to Ally Condie’s Matched it was like a continuation on a theme. Oliver’s strength lies in the way that she looks at issues from different moral standpoints and the way that she looks at things deeply, and this was very much in evidence here.

Quotation Report

None this time, I’m afraid.

I’m both excited and apprehensive about May. My studies are nearing their end for the summer and while I like the idea of not constantly thinking about whether free time could be spent reading text books, I know that in actual fact I’m likely to feel at a loss without the routine in my life. It’s really not long at all since I decided to become an undergraduate but it’s quickly become a part of my overall self and while it’s difficult I still bask in it.

There is also that other issue. When my studies end I will need a summer job.


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