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I started The Worm Hole started in April 2010; it was the culmination of a number of months’ worth of book reviews I had written on my then anything-goes blog. You’ll find discussions of various types and all kinds of genres here; my reading is pretty eclectic and I’m into details and close reading.

The Worm Hole Podcast is a new addition: October 2019, following (by a few years, admittedly) some live events I had hosted. I enjoyed discussing books with authors so much and a podcast was an easy choice which offered a lot more scope in every way.

Wondering where to start?

These are the most-viewed posts since I started the blog:

My often longer pieces can be found under the Further Thoughts category. These include:

Guest Posts

With credit to Allison for the idea, the following links will take you to guest posts I have written and interviews for other sites:


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