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A Truth Generally Universally Acknowledged

I’m currently reading one of my all-time favourite books, an early 2000’s historic fantasy, Across The Nightingale Floor. I’m finding it just as appealing as I did the first time, which must have been around the time it was published.

Something that I have noticed is that the YA produced today generally isn’t in the same league as the older books. And by older books I actually mean any books that came out before the internet became such a big thing, before Facebook and the like, when websites were static and had guest books. There’s just this other-worldliness to older books, no matter whether or not the book is set in our world or not. A lot of this is undoubtedly because our mindset has changed.

Of course that lead me to something else, the bigger picture. Despite the fact that I was a child before the internet came along and thus was more “prone” to finding entertainment in other places anyway, I can’t help but look back and know that I was happier then. The internet isn’t a bad thing but it’s definitely taken a lot of my time, although I do realise that when you grow up there are less entertainment options anyway because a plethora of board games, tea sets, dolls, and Polly Pocket, no longer cut it.

There is definitely something to be said for the internet taking over our lives. Starting this week, February is going to be a busy month for me, and I will fully embrace it.



February 8, 2011, 10:24 am

I’m not sure if I agree. I think some seriously brilliant YA is being published today – books I’d have given anything to have around when I was a teen. It’s just that they sort of get lost amidst the trend of imitating the latest best seller, be it Twilight or Harry Potter or whatever. There are just more books coming out in general, so you have to dig around a little more to find the gems.

Charlie: Oh there are some, yes, but as you say, it’s difficult to find them.

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