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2012 Goals

This year I will be continuing last year’s goal to read more books by Elizabeth Chadwick. I want to read her entire back list because her work really appeals to the historian in me – the historian who is now quickly realising that it is medieval history rather than Tudor that truly rocks her boat (sorry, Henry). The goal has been aided greatly by my family who bought for me seven Chadwick books in total meaning that I won’t have to go shopping when I wish to read one.

Ever continuing my classics reading, I am this year hoping to read older works. I want to read Thomas More’s Utopia as I have learned so much about him through my studies of Henry VIII and I think it’s high time I read fiction from the era. I also hope to read The Epic Of Gilgamesh, which Erin brought to my attention. I have in fact been looking for a copy ever since Erin’s post – where do bookshops place the work of authors unknown? And I want to read Frances Burney, in particular Cecilia. Having had Burney as a plan for the past couple of years, perhaps I might actually get to her this time. And of course there is Mansfield Park and The Professor to read, and if time allows I wouldn’t mind re-reading Pride And Prejudice and Jane Eyre. I will also be making inroads to Anne Brontë; and as I can’t say I’m a true fan of Victorian literature if I’ve only stuck to women writers, I hope to give Dickens a go, as well as Thackeray, whose Vanity Fair keeps tempting me from bookshop shelves.

In summary:

  • Elizabeth Chadwick
  • Utopia
  • The Epic Of Gilgamesh
  • Cecelia
  • Mansfield Park and The Professor
  • Re-reads
  • Anne Brontë
  • Dickens and Thackeray

It’s quite an extensive plan, but like last year, if I complete just half of it I will be happy.



January 6, 2012, 5:58 pm

I adore Vanity Fair, though to be fair, I still need to read the second half. :)

Charlie: I’ve been told its very good, so I’m very excited! Are you reading it at the moment?

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