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There And Back Again

You may remember that around this time last year, I wrote a post to say where I had been. Well it’s that same time of year again, and I’m writing a similar post.

Our (my boyfriend and I) anniversary falls at an awkward time of year. In fact I told him that if in future I am in the situation of being asked to be in a relationship again, I will take a few moments to consider the day, and if it falls during a peculiar period, will ask the person to ask me at a later date. Because when it’s almost but not quite Christmas, no where is open. Because everyone is preparing for Christmas, they don’t let you in while they’re working. And everyone is surprised to hear that you’ll be leaving before the advent events.

That will teach me to tell a man that it’s high time he asked me to be his girlfriend instead of leaving it to him to do – indeed the blame here rests with me.

However I can’t say that it’s all bad, and of course there are upshots like knowing my boyfriend will be able to take the time off work without his colleagues scrabbling for the days – as well as knowing that the time falls just before my university essay big rush.

Highlights included:

  • Bringing incense sticks and candles to find that there was no way to make a fire with which to light them because everything was electric.
  • Going to buy matches in order to create fire, lighting the incense, and only then finding the accommodation information that said please don’t burn anything.
  • Going to a major viewpoint to find that the rain was heading from that viewpoint and thus we had our umbrellas in front of our faces, obscuring it further.
  • My boyfriend buying not-cheap tickets for a private tour of a manor house which included parts not open to the general public. When we went back the next day as regular customers in order to see the parts available to the public, so that we could say we’d seen the whole house, we found the public access to be the same as the private because the normal public sections were closed for refurbishment.
  • Going to a small tourist attraction in the middle of the week to find that there was a teacher’s strike on and parents had chosen to take their children out for the day. The tour guide was obviously knowledgeable but of course ended up conducting it in kiddie mode.

The lowlights were:

  • Breath-taking journeys through hilly passes.
  • Gorgeous dinky villages.
  • My boyfriend bringing something to surprise me, which turned out to be the same thing I had thought of bringing to surprise him. I ended up in fits of laughter which wasn’t particularly appropriate.
  • Spontaneous trips to the supermarket at 11:30pm to stock up on Pringles (crisps, or potato chips to those of you on the other side of the pond).
  • Accommodation that was based in 1700s foundations – as a history freak I was in my element.
  • Well needed time together without the usual distractions of life.

It felt over before it had begun, a week is too short, but it was very much needed and has given me, and I hope him, some positivity for what we want to achieve both together and individually in the next few months.


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