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The Worm Hole Podcast

A photograph of me sat behind a stack of books

The Worm Hole Podcast is an author interview series I started as a spin-off to my live events in Southampton. The podcast launched on the 28th October 2019 with guest Nicola Cornick, and new episodes are released every second and fourth Monday of the month, early morning UK time.

The show is available on iTunes as well as Spotify and Stitcher. You can also subscribe to the podcast via its RSS feed. To listen to the podcast on this site and view the full show notes for each episode, click on the links below.

A photograph of Nancy Bilyeau

Episode 06: Nancy Bilyeau

Charlie Place and Nancy Bilyeau (The Crown; The Chalice; The Tapestry; The Blue; Dreamland) discuss the lifestyle of Dissolution-era nuns, using a website’s ‘contact me’ form to great success, there being more relics than there were items, using your family’s name in your work, and the grand amusement parks and luxury hotels of New York’s past.

A photograph of Samantha Sotto

Episode 05: Samantha Sotto

Tune in as Charlie Place and Samantha Sotto (Before Ever After; Love and Gravity; A Dream of Trees) discuss characters that join you in your car in the midst of a traffic jam, time travelling with Issac Newton, switching from your fully researched work in progress to a story that needs to be told, and… chickens?

A photograph of Phillip Lewis

Episode 04: Phillip Lewis

Charlie and Phillip Lewis (The Barrowfields) discuss planning out fictional houses, the detail and beauty of classical music, books about books, and how real life in all its ups and downs makes its mark on your work.

A photograph of Naomi Hamill

Episode 03: Naomi Hamill

Tune in as Charlie Place and Naomi Hamill (How To Be A Kosovan Bride) discuss post-war Kosovo, using a narrative method that divides opinion, and researching Albanian folklore.

A photograph of Orlando Ortega-Medina

Episode 02: Orlando Ortega-Medina

Tune in as Charlie Place and Orlando Ortega-Medina (Jerusalem Ablaze; The Death of Baseball) discuss celebrity fictional reincarnation, writing short stories that don’t have messages, and working with ideas that could – if misinterpreted – look like something else.

A photograph of Nicola Cornick

Episode 01: Nicola Cornick

Tune in as book blogger Charlie Place and author Nicola Cornick (House of Shadows; The Phantom Tree; The Woman in the Lake) discuss burning down your place of work in fiction, every day objects of ill repute, and solving Tudor mysteries yet to be solved.


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