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The Sum Of My Venture Into Romance (Continued)

I had always known that if I was going to spend a considerable (by the eclectic reading standards of a voracious reader) amount of time on romance, I would have to change the style of writing I use to review them. And, because this is in the main a blog for books that don’t come under the romance genre, I felt it might be good to discuss this change in style formally.

Ergo from now on I will not be reviewing romance novels from the point of view of a person new to romance.

Although I am still new to romance, as I haven’t covered many authors and have selected titles from the same two publishers, I feel that it would be rather cheeky of me to keep referring back to my unromantic reading background. I also know that it is probably going to get irksome if I keep discussing things such as the quality of writing in romance compared to other genres because in a lot of cases this difference is well documented and accepted, in a lot of cases it’s simply not true, and you don’t need me going on about it as though my aim is to show that my reading choices are superior.

Because they’re not. And I have guilty pleasures just like everyone else.

So from now on romances on this site will be reviewed in the same way as all other books. However this blog post does herald something else – I will not be reading and thus will not be reviewing as much romance in future as I have been recently. And that future begins now. As discussed in my last Venture post, I have found an author I will carry on reading, Ella Drake, and now I will be adding Shannon Stacey to this for her wonderful Yours To Keep.

So for those of you who wish I was reviewing more of the types of books I was before, you can now relax. But for those who welcomed it, it isn’t going to be abandoned.

However from now on I am going to be incredibly picky about what I read and review when it comes to romance.


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