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The Eve Of The October 2015 Readathon

I realised two things yesterday. Firstly – in the afternoon – that the Readthon is this weekend, not next weekend. Secondly – at midnight – that the form I’d sent to the hosts a few weeks ago wasn’t the same as the cheerleading form. I like the Readathon too much – I got out of bed, booted up the computer, and registered.

Whether I signed up on time I don’t know but I’ll be looking to cheer regardless. As far as reading goes I’ll be starting early as usual, getting some reading time in beforehand and then I’ll catch up on Sunday; I still find the pressure to read when there’s so much going on online means I don’t pay attention to the books. I’ll be updating the same one post throughout the day.

I’ll be reading Tolstoy and a book I’ve been sent to read for an award (I’ll tell you about that when I can). I’m finding the poor treatment of little Seyozha difficult to read so it’ll be good to have somewhere to escape to.

Whether you’re joining in or not, what will you be reading this weekend?


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