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Soulful Thinking

So let’s say Heaven exists, because I certainly hope it does. How would you like to be greeted on your arrival? Call me sad but I wouldn’t mind seeing my soul mate waiting for me, say just by a tree, or, to be really gooey, right by the gates peering out in earnest.

This assumes a fair few things. One, that I have a soul mate and that they’ll be there before me (let’s forget that second part, it’s not nice to think about). Now that is almost a completely different topic to discuss but I’d like to think I do have one, that everyone does. I remember once broaching the topic with the boyfriend as a discussion (rather than an exercise in pressure) but I think I freaked him out so I keep my thoughts on the subject to myself where we’re concerned. But I do believe in soul mates, in fact I believe a person may have more than one but that only one will be romantic.

Two, that I don’t want to meet God and/or anyone else first. Knowing me and my history obsession I’m likely to spot a famous king or queen and run in a fan girl rush, and if my soul mate were to stand in the way I might accidentally knock them over. This could be funny or it could be the end of our relationship, after all we don’t know what happens to us when we die, maybe our souls turn into something else and my soul mate’ll decide to sever ties with me at the transitional phase.

Three, that my soul mate will want to wait for me. Are there a lot of jigsaws in Heaven? Can someone join my Love for a game of I Spy to while away the days/weeks/hours/years? (I might add century to that if they irritate me). Of course here I’m talking of waiting by the gates. Though a more general kind of waiting might make me jealous. If my soul mate got accepted into the Cloud Riding Society before me I might get a bit upset.

Here’s to that special someone being there for us with roses and a date to the Celestial Films Awards (where all the A-Listers from all the eras give everyone autographs because eternal life means they can take it easy and not rush off – and are, incidentally, never grumpy). And champagne. That’s if champagne is consumed in Heaven. Maybe that should be the question rather than is there a god. The presence or not of God is something we can’t change – but perhaps we can sneak some champagne in unnoticed?



November 9, 2010, 3:04 am

What a whimsically thought-provoking post. I very much enjoyed reading it and considering the questions you raise! Was it a book that inspired your musing?

Charlie: Nope, but a subject that comes to mind every now and then when thinking of how the world likes to think of eternal love. Putting a humorous spin on it seemed natural.


November 9, 2010, 3:21 pm

Interesting thoughts. I don’t really think about heaven very often (hurts my head!), except when I see suffering. And I don’t believe in “soul mates” really, so I would never have thought this…thanks for sharing!

Charlie: What I never liked as a kid was the thought that it’s eternal. It definitely hurts the head to start thinking about forever and ever and forever with no conclusion! I don’t think of soul mates as being a definite part of life, but the idea is certainly appealing.



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