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September 2011 Reading Round-Up

With the knowledge that the year is coming to an end quite quickly, I’ve been reading a lot.

The Books

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Richard Rex: The Tudors – Rex gives a broad history of the dynasty peppered with humour and rumour. Recommended.


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Elizabeth Gaskell: North And South – The Hales move north and discover the differences there that the industrial revolution has brought. Few likable characters and little plot.

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J K Rowling: Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone – Harry finds out he’s a wizard and goes to a wizarding secondary school, but with his enemy still out to get him it’s not going to be as easy as he’d thought. Awesome book.

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Lee Carroll: Black Swan Rising – Garet becomes knowledgable of the paranormal and the efforts of evil to destroy the world. Some of it is rather good, but there are better books out there.

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Priya Basil: The Obscure Logic Of The Heart – Two opposites try to forge a relationship while the UN has trouble in Sudan. Too many plots in one book and bad ideas.

So although I’ve read more books this month, I can’t say I’ve enjoyed myself much. The Tudors was great but there was something lacking, and I discovered that, although I still love it, Harry Potter is definitely better when you’re younger. That said I will be continuing the series because I’ve never finished it before.

Quotation Report

Margaret Hale, from North And South might advise you to be careful when talking about vulgarity because if there is any chance that the man whose proposal you recently turned down should walk in you may end up talking of knobsticks in order to quell the look on his face that suggests he thought you were meaning he himself is vulgar. And while Iman, from The Obscure Logic Of The Heart, may find parenting instinctive, evidence would suggest that her husband needs to watch nature programmes in order to gain an idea of how to do things.

And now let me freak out while I realise October is here and studying is going to get intense…



October 2, 2011, 10:04 pm

The Tudors looks interesting. I’ve been wanting to learn a bit more about them but haven’t found the right book yet. Maybe this one will work.

Charlie: If you’re up for a bit of comic relief and are okay with an author having a dig at people, I’d say this is a good one. For specific people, Alison Weir’s The Six Wives Of Henry VIII is excellent and David Starkey’s Henry VIII Virtuous Prince isn’t bad either, but focuses only on his youth.

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