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Search Engine Fun

I thought it might be fun and useful to review the keywords and phrases people have used, so here is a collection of some from September 2010.

Quests For Book Information
  • How does book “one day” nichols end – Badly. The changes the film made make it much better.
  • is the book delirium better than before i fall – Difficult one. Before I Fall provides more social commentary as it is contemporary, Delirium explains why we can’t let go of basic rights.
  • “ginevra fanshawe” movie – A television series in the 1970s, Villette.
  • when does elizabeth chadwicks book lords of white castle take place – between 1100s and 1200s.
  • 978-0-575-08936-5 – Dead Until Dark.
  • books to read during the summer for bookworms – I’ve had success with Pride And Prejudice, and also The Legacy, even if I didn’t enjoy it all that much.
  • picador young adult butterfly tattoo difference white mercedes philip pullman – As far as I’m aware the only difference is the title.
  • verlaine’s wing tip – This confused me too. Verlaine’s wing tips are his shoes (Angelology).
  • at what age should the book angelology be read – It’s pretty much a waste of time at any time of your life. Source: personal experience.
  • what is your thought on northanger abbey? – It’s flipping brilliant.
Quests For Miscellaneous Information
  • heathcliff sauron – Indeed I support this comparison.
  • am i monogamous – I reckon that to be asking this you’re probably not (they got to this post).
  • are wormholes real debate – Well this one is, but I assume you’re referring to astronomy. As far as I know, they are.
  • claire persephone weekend – Claire’s blog is here.
  • xian love? – The Chinese word for love is ai, as is the Japanese.
  • “multiple knighthoods” – Many kings had a habit of giving multiple titles, just as people nowadays get many letters after their name. (The search yielded the review of Lords Of The White Castle).

My site was also found by the word “spanking”. My only guess is that I say “brand spanking new” quite a lot…



October 15, 2011, 10:52 pm

I envy you guys with your awesome search terms! My list is remarkably boring. I guess I should talk more about spanking an monogamy ;-)

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