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Q&A With Helen Lederer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the pre-publication party I attended for Helen Lederer’s upcoming novel, Losing It. The book may be about an everyday subject – weight loss – and imbued with comedy, but the way it’s written means you get a good look at the way the idea of weight loss can be taken advantage of, at how one needs to be happy in themselves.

Now nearing the release date, Helen has answered questions for several bloggers (links below so you can carry on the tour if you wish) and we’re kicking it off here, today.

Helen Lederer

What/who inspired Losing It?

Er me! I knew it was a simple story but the characters and canvas were the things I wanted to try and nail as well. And, yes I did do a herbal diet pill for money…!

Tell us a bit about Millie (the main character)

She is me – a negative voice is in her head all the time – she indulges and despairs at her weakness but can’t stop herself from popping things in her mouth.

What made you want to become an author?

I started as a stand up comedian and wrote my own material, I was always writing poetry and forcing my parents to listen… and no one can be mean to you while you are writing (only afterwards) so it seemed the right timing. That’s why I called it Mid lit (as oppose to chick lit) High time to be funny.

Who is your favourite literary or television character?

Miss Jean Brodie; Foyle (Foyle’s War)

What’s next?

Promote this book which is a first! Write the next one! Finish Hollyoaks (I play an alcoholic midwife) April Channel 4…

I confess to never having watched Hollyoaks, but knowing Helen will be on it, I will be tuning in and giving it a go. If you’re interested in following the tour and reading the other interviews, here are the links and dates:


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