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Privacy Policy

The Worm Hole uses Google Analytics, which I, the blogger and site owner, use to ascertain visitors numbers and an idea of how people come to find this site (search engine, direct, social media – I get some search queries but due to Google’s changes over the years, there aren’t many of these). For more information on what Google Analytics collects, please see this page under ‘Data collected by Google Analytics’.

The mailing list is used to send out my blog posts to those who have signed up to it themselves, and the odd communication when things have gone wrong with the system that emails the blog posts out. In signing up to the mailing list which requires your email address (whether or not you give your name or a nickname is up to you) you consent to me using your email for this purpose. You are free to update your details or unsubscribe at any time.

The ‘subscribe to comments’ option you see when you comment on a post, when chosen by yourself, notifies the blog to send an email to the address you have included whenever additional comments on that post are added. It is used for no other purpose. (It’s there so that you can choose to receive a notification of comments rather than you having to remember to check back.)

When you add your email address to the comments form in order to leave a comment, it’s stored as part of your comment in WordPress but not displayed on the site. (Email addresses here help identify spam – due to the large amount of spam comments The Worm Hole receives I have set the comments to send every new-to-it email address to moderation so that I can delete spam before it shows up on the site itself.) When you comment, your IP address is logged in the system; again it doesn’t show on site, and it helps identify spam. If you have included your web address, that is displayed so that people reading your comment can visit your own site. In regards to any comment deletion requests, comments created using a WordPress account can be reviewed via your account. If for any reason you haven’t got that function and would like to delete a comment, please email me at books @ – without the spaces – and I will review the comment thread.

All data discussed above hosted by myself will be kept for as long as this blog exists. Deleted comments will be deleted permanently. Google has its own data retention policies, please see the website for details in that regard.


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