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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 82: Paula Cocozza (Speak To Me)

Charlie and Paula Cocozza (Speak To Me) discuss how phones have taken the place of conversation, a number of literary Susans, and Paula tells us about her love of reading and libraries in childhood.

The Guardian’s story on Kirstie Allsopp smashing her daughter’s IPad
Susan Cain’s Quiet
Suze Rotolo’s A Freewheelin’ Time
I am (happy?) to say that Susan the dog is no longer the first Susan mentioned on pages about ‘Susan’ on Wikipedia
Hanif Kureshi’s Intimacy (beware NSFW cover)
The Reading Agency
Paula’s column, A New Start After 60

Release details: recorded 6th July 2023; published 11th September 2023

Where to find Paula online: Twitter

Where to find Charlie online: Twitter || Instagram

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01:08 The inspiration and our modern phone usage
09:01 The hows of how Paula wrote the book
16:12 On the narrator’s reliability
19:43 All the Susans in this book!
22:21 The Victorian terrace house, our main character’s former home
24:22 Anthony
27:51 So Paula wrote some of the book with pen and paper…
29:40 The use of Shakespeare’s Malvolio
31:30 Our narrator’s dealings with Anthony and Kurt later in the book, and miscommunication
36:32 Our narrator’s relationship with her sons
38:55 Why our narrator is a librarian – Paula’s reading journey
43:40 What’s next
45:39 On Paula’s current feature series for The Guardian, A New Start After 60


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