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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 75: Ronali Collings (Love & Other Dramas)

Charlie and Ronali Collings (Love & Other Dramas) discuss her relationship with her mother and where that influences her novel, racist comments and decisions in the workplace, and her experiences of female friendships during her IVF journey. We begin with her studies for a Masters – her supervisor was Bernardine Evaristo.

The Madeline Milburn Mentorship Programme
Ronali’s interview on The Two Of Us
Ronali’s episode on Chloe Timms’ Confessions Of A Debut Novelist

Release details: recorded 7th and 21st May 2023; published 22nd May 2023

Where to find Ronali online: Website || Twitter || Instagram

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01:19 On Ronali’s MA for which she was supervised by Bernadine Evaristo
06:18 On the inspirations and reasons for writing Love & Other Dramas
13:10 The characters
20:11 Stephen!
22:55 The importance of Tanya remaining single at the end
27:06 Ronali’s relationship with her mother and the influence on Helen and Tanya
33:46 Catholicism in Ronali’s life and in the book
39:11 The micro-aggressions related to racism
43:06 Priya and Bianca’s relationship
46:16 Discussing female friendships – Ronali discusses the absence of them in parts of her life and we then go on to discuss friendship in the context of her IVF treatments
56:38 What’s next?

Photograph used with the permission of the author.


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