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The Worm Hole Podcast Episode 74: Kristina McMorris

Charlie and Kristina McMorris (Sold On A Monday; The Ways We Hide) discuss the harrowing photographs of children that inspired her last two novels, why she chose to focus – in the first book – on the news reporters rather than the children, and changing the fictional outcome of the stories.

The photograph of the children for sale and an article with the basics
Kristina’s Facebook post about her and RaeAnn’s appearance on NPR
Interview with RaeAnn for North West Indiana Times
Interview with David McDaniel
Christina Baker Kline’s Orphan Train
The first sentence on Sold On A Monday ended up being: ‘Outside the guarded entrance, reporters circled like a pack of wolves.’
(The photograph that inspired The Ways We Hide is a photograph of some of the children who died in the Italian Hall Disaster and shows them laid out after death.)
“How Monopoly Helped The Allies Win WW2” article
The videos of the various MI9 tools are listed on Kristina’s website

Release details: recorded 25th April 2023; published 8th May 2023

Where to find Kristina online: Website || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram

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01:21 Tell us about the photograph Sold On A Monday was inspired by
06:09 Changing the outcome for the fictional children
07:40 The book’s focus on the reporters rather than the children
11:11 How Kristina’s experience in media informed her writing
13:41 About the original title
17:55 The reliability of the characters
19:10 Ellis and Lily
22:33 Theme of family and motherhood
23:45 The photograph that inspired The Ways We Hide
27:17 Fenna!
28:25 The four books Kristina is currently working on
32:29 Kristina introduces the extra content on her website


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